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In Contempt
Christopher Darden
BBP Price: $13.50
Price: $18.00
Click image for closer view
After the Affair
Janis A. Spring
BBP Price: $13.50
Price: $18.00
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For more than a year, Christopher Darden argued passionately and tirelessly as a prosecutor in the O. J. Simpson murder trial. Here, he offers a haunting and poignant memoir as well and an unflinching look at the American justice system that shows things the television cameras couldn't. Running time: approx. 3 hours   Moving beyond blame to offer real hope and tangible solutions, this audio looks to help both partners accept the avalanche of feelings that accompany the trauma of realization, resolve their ambivilence about further commitment, and show how to cultivate trust and make crucial changes that give their relationship the chance to breathe again. Simultaneous hardcover release from HarperCollins. 2 cassettes.A guide for couples provides exercises that help spouses overcome feelings of betrayal and recommit to marriage.
ISBN: 0694517240
Format: Audio - 2 Cassettes: 3 Hours
  ISBN: 069451652X
Format: Audio - 2 Cassettes

The Art of Profitability
Adrian Slywotzky
BBP Price: $23.98
Price: $31.98
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African American Audio Experience
BBP Price: $20.96
Price: $29.95
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THE ART OF PROFITABILITY reveals the invisible but important governing principles that can mean the difference between business failure and success. Writing with wit and provocative insight, bestselling author Adrian Slywotzy tells the story of eccentric strategy teacher David Zhao and his young student. Each of the book's twenty-three chapters presents a lesson from the exuberant and always challenging master-and a profit paradigm that will open your mind to the many ways to make profit happen.
You'll understand-from a different perspective-how your company and your competitors generate profit.which business models can be best applied to your profit-making strategy.what specific actions your organization can take in the next ninety days to improve its bottom line...and more.
  There must have been a silence. Not a moan, not a mumbling word. But a silence. The shock. The absolute disbelief. The incredible stunning astonishing gaping shame. At capture. The incomprehensible knowledge that the sun stood still. The stars extinguished their twinkles. The winds and the rains fled underground. The moon withdrew its comforting glow. Not only the silence of different languages. Different images. Different words for the same objects. The holocaustic silence of the unthinkable now made manifest. The captured did not understand their captors. Nor each other. They only understood the chains. The whips. The desecrations. The destructions. The horror. Yet that should not. Could not. Have been the reason for silence.

Maybe there was nothing more to say.
ISBN: 1586214713
Format: Audio - 5 CDs / 6 Hours
  ISBN: 1586214713
Format: Audio - 5 CDs / 6 Hours

Fish! Sticks
Lundin, Stephen C.
BBP Price: $18.71
Price: $24.98
Click image for closer view
Every Day I Pray
Vanzant, Iyanla
BBP Price: $9.60
Price: $12.00
Click image for closer view
Fish! Sticks employs the same kind of easy-to-use story that was used in Fish! to illustrate its three main commitments for continued success: Find IT, Live IT, Coach IT, where the "IT" is each employee's own personal vision, found within the overall vision for the business. Chock-full of easy-to-grasp examples, this audiobook provides advice that is concrete and can produce immediate improvements in employee morale, customer satisfaction, and productivity - for both the short and long term. If you have ever made change or innovation only to feel soon after that you were backsliding - or if you want to identify what's working in your workplace and make sure that it keeps working - then Fish! Sticks is a program that will help you achieve your goals. Unabridged on 3 compact discs.   This audiobook is a collection of prayers I have written over the years in my prayer journals. They address a variety of topics and situations. It is my prayer that they will spark a light in your heart and you will come to know the peace of God's grace. Please join me in making the thoughts, words and actions of our everyday lives more reverent, honorable, and loving so that we can anchor the peace, joy, and harmony of God on this planet.
ISBN: 1401396682
Format: Audio - 3 CDs / 3 Hours
  ISBN: 0743520769
Format: Analog Audio Cassette

Fish! Tales
Lundin, Stephen C.
BBP Price: $18.71
Price: $24.98
Click image for closer view
Creating True Peace
Thich Nhat Hanh
BBP Price: $12.35
Price: $16.50
Click image for closer view
The phenomenal international bestseller Fish! told the story of a fictional company that transformed itself by applying lessons learned from Seattle's Pike Place Fish market. Now, with Fish! Tales, readers can learn how people in real-life businesses boosted morale and improved results by implementing these same principles. Here are specific and tested techniques that can be put to use right away in any kind of business or organization - even at home. And this audiobook stands on its own, so newcomers to the "Fish! Philosophy" will be just as inspired by its examples as the millions who have already read or experienced Fish! In all of the stories, real people discuss honestly and in their own words the difficulties they encountered while trying to transform their workplaces - and how they overcame reluctance, resistance, and employee burnout. Fish! Tales also features dozens of short bites drawn from an even larger variety of business and life situations. Abridged on 3 compact discs.   Ending Violence in Yourself, Your Family, Your Community, and the World - In Creating True Peace, Thich Nhat Hanh uses a beautiful blend of visionary insight, inspiring stories of peacemaking, and a combination of meditation practices and instruction to show us how to take Right Action. An audiobook for people of all faiths, this is a magnum opus -- a compendium of peace practices that can help anyone practice nonviolent thought and behavior, even in the midst of world upheaval.
Creating True Peace tells stories of Thich Nhat Hanh and his students practicing peace during wartime. These demonstrate that violence is an outmoded response we can no longer afford. The simple, but powerful daily actions and everyday interactions that Thich Nhat Hanh recommends can root out violence where it lives in our hearts and minds and help us discover the power to create peace at every level of life -- personal, family, neighborhood, community, state, nation, and world.
ISBN: 1401396690
Format: Audio - 3 CDs

ISBN: 0743530039
Format: 3 Audio Cassette - 4.5 hours

Africans in America : America's Journey Through Slavery
Charles Johnson & Patricia Smith
BBP Price: $18.71
Price: $24.95
Click image for closer view
The Mysteries Of Egypt: Rameses
BBP Price: $14.99
Price: $19.99
Click image for closer view
The acclaimed account of slavery in America, illuminating how Africans and Europeans built a nation. A riveting narrative history of America, from the 1607 landing in Jamestown to the brink of the Civil War, Africans in America tells the shared history of Africans and Europeans as seen through the lens of slavery. It is told from the point of view of the Africans who arrived in shackles and endured the terrible dichotomy of this new land founded on the ideal of liberty but dedicated to the perpetuation of slavery. Meticulously researched, this book weaves together the experiences of the colonists, slaves, free and fugitive blacks, and abolitionists to present an utterly original document, a startling and moving drama of the effects of slavery and racism on our conflicted national identity. The result transcends history as we were taught it and transforms the way we see our past.   Using on-location footage, historic images and artifacts, expert commentary and analyses, and special reconstructions, this series offers an authoritative examination of Ancient Egypt and its legacy.

A thorough study of Ramses II, the third king of the 19th dynasty, who was responsible for the building of some of the country's most breathtaking temples.

The rich history of the Land of the Pyramids is extensively detailed in this three-tape series. "Rameses" studies the "great" reign of King Rameses II; boy ruler Tutankhamen and enigmatic Queen Hatsupshet are among the subjects of "The Pharaohs"; and "Ancient Egypt" stretches from the first dynasties to Alexander the Great's conquest of Egypt.

ISBN: 1559275383
Format: 4 Audio Cassette - 6 hours
  Rated: NR Color
Format: VHS Hi-Fi 50min color

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